About Us

Tahmo is bringing to market smart and connected health and comfort products for consumers and clinical applications. Tahmo’s products are in the mobile health (mHealth) market which is experiencing rapid growth. The mHealth market growth is driven by consumer and care provider’s demand for more connected and smart devices. Tahmo introduced its first product, Tempi, in late 2017 and is in the process of developing three additional products for 2018. Tahmo’s vision is to become an innovative player in the mobile health market segment by creating solutions that are functionally superior to other products. Our focus will be on three core consumer needs areas: Wearable Medical Devices, Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Devices, and Cloud Based Services.


Tahmo is now a Startuphealth companY

We are happy to announce that we are now part of the StartUpHealth family.


Arif Quronfleh

Founder/CEO Arif is the founder of Tahmo. He’s serial entrepreneur with Over 24 years of product development experience in the medical device and high-tech industries. He brings to Tahmo his business and engineering skills in addition to his vision for reinventing ordinary products. Arif’s passion for innovation and understanding of consumers’ needs drives the development of Tahmo’s life-changing products.

Ziad Ghannoum

Co-Founder – Ziad has over 20 years of experience in product development of medical and consumer products. He is named on over 7 patents in the area of ophthalmology and brought several products to market in this highly regulated industry. With his Mechanical Engineering background, Ziad is involved in all facets of the product development cycle from inception, to production.

Tempi w iPhone Snapshot of uses 5-2018.jpg

Tempi – The Smart Way to Monitor Temperature and Humidity

Tempi is a small wearable Bluetooth device that accurately measures temperature and humidity and then displays the information on your smartphone.

Simply pair Tempi with your phone and begin tracking your environment. Tempi has many uses ranging from tracking surrounding temperature and humidity to monitoring the environment in your home, wine cell.