Tahmo Launches Senso, The Smartest Temperature and Humidity Device Ever Made

Driven by the need for new technology to monitor temperature and humidity, Senso gives you the power to monitor environmental conditions for the things you care about... locally or from anywhere in the world

Irvine, California – 9/12/2019 – Today, there are many wireless thermometers available on the market, but very few of them monitor temperature and humidity the smart way.  That's why the team at Tahmo, Inc. developed Senso.

Using the latest in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), WiFi, and temperature sensing technologies the power of Senso’s design is that it’s simple; no buttons or connectors, you simply pair the Senso sensor to the free Android or iOS app and you’re good to go.  Plus, with the Senso WiFi Hub you can connect from anywhere, or extend the Bluetooth range in your home.

Senso’s many features include:

  • Measure temperature and humidity with high/low notifications

  • Displays temperature values in F and C

  • Store temperature and humidity for over a year on the device itself

  • Only product on the market that tracks on a map – while running, biking etc.

  • Monitor unlimited locations from one device

  • Graphs data and exports in CSV format

  • Connects to a WiFi Hub to monitor form anywhere in the world

Senso has many uses ranging from tracking surrounding temperature and humidity to monitoring the environment in your home, wine cellar, pet cage or aquarium, humidor, server room, or even grandma’s house.  It can be placed in its base within your home or office, or can be clipped to your clothing, belt, bag, shoe, or pet while on the go. 

Health conscious consumers find Senso useful for tracking humidity levels. Humidity is linked to respiratory tract issues, seasonal colds and allergies. Monitoring and reacting to temperature and humidity changes can lead to better health.

Senso keeps track of changes and sends alerts right to your phone or tablet. Using it to monitor temperature and humidity is an excellent way to ensure your loved ones are comfortable and secure, i.e. in a baby or an elder’s room.

Tahmo launched a Kickstarter campaign on September 6th with Senso preorder discounts of up to 50% off MSRP.  Shipping is estimated to start in December 2019.  Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign page

About Tahmo, Inc.

Tahmo is Building Transformative Healthcare Products for the medical and consumer markets. Tahmo’s vision is to become an innovative player in the connected health market segment by creating patented solutions that are functionally superior to other products. Our focus is on three core areas:  Connected Medical Devices, Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Devices, and Cloud Based Services. Ultimately, at Tahmo, we are transforming the way people interact with their health and their environment and are bringing a unique capability in the form of smart monitoring.

Media Contact: team@tahmo.io

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